Application suite for voicing and broadcasting subtitles

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Subtiitrite helindaja



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The goal of the project complies with § 23 and § 60 of the Law of Media Services and with the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, according to which mass media services should be made available to people with disabilities. The main target group of the subtitle voicing service are people with visual impairments and people with a disability that prevents them from reading text in normal script. Additionally, elderly people, children and Estonian language learners are the potential users of the voicing service. The joint project is a collaborative effort of the Institute of the Estonian Language, Estonian Public Broadcasting and Estonian Association for the Blind. The project is a logical continuation of the NPELT (2006-2010) project "Estonian Corpus-based Speech Synthesis," and the SFAS project "Interfaces for Speech Synthesis".

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Subtiitrite helindamise ning tele-eetrisse edastamise tarkvaralahenduse eesmärk on ETVs kasutatavate subtiitrifailide alusel kõnesüntesaatoriga helifailide genereerimine ning eraldi helikanalis digitelevisiooni eetrisse edastamine. Ühisprojekti on kaasatud Eesti Keele Instituut (EKI), Eesti Rahvusringhääling (ERR) ja Eesti Pimedate Liit (EPL).

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