Inari Sami prosody corpus

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Inari saami prosoodia korpus



Cite as: Lippus, P. (2018). <i>Inari saami prosoodia korpus</i>. Center of Estonian Language Resources.

Recordings of Inari Saami disyllabic words embedded in carrier sentences read by 4 male speakers. The speakers read a list of 72 sentences where the test words occur in phrase-medial position and a list of 120 sentences where the test words occur once in phrase-final and once in sentence-final position. The test words are segmented on Praat TextGrids.

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Materjal koosneb kahesilbilistest erineva silbistruktuuriga testsõnadest, mis on paigutatud lauses fraasi keskele või fraasi lõppu ja lause lõppu. Iga lause sisaldab 2 testsõna. 72 lauset on fraasikeskse paigutusega, 120 lauset fraasilõpulise paigutusega. Salvestusi luges 4 meeskõnelejat.

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